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At Meadowfield Auto Centre Ponteland We Can Fit Tyres To Any Make & Model & Supply Tyres To Fit Any Budget. With Our State Of The Art Machines, We Can Guarantee No Damage To Alloy Wheels Of Any Size!


How long does carpet take to dry?

It will depend on several factors, however in most cases 1-3 hours. The type of fibres used in the carpet as well as its construction, the amount of soiling within the carpet, the length of the pile and the temperature both inside and outside the property. Our modern, efficient truckmount machine remove large amounts of moisture, so your carpets should dry rapidly. You’ll be able to use them soon after we leave.

Ive heard that carpet gets dirty quicker after its been cleaned, is this true?

This only happens if there is too much residue left within the carpet. Rest assured that we use the correct cleaning system and application methods for each carpet, which means that they stay clean for longer.

How long will it take you to clean my carpets?

We can give you some estimates, but it will vary, depending on many factors: Approximately one and a half hours for a three-bedroom house. About an hour for a hall, stairs, landing and a lounge About an hour for a three-piece suite As we use the latest truckmount cleaning technology, our turnaround times are fast, ensuring that you can use your office or your home as quickly as possible.

Will hot water extraction damage my carpet?

No, not at all. Hot water extraction is the preferred method of many major carpet manufacturers. It is generally considered the best method of removing embedded dirt and other contaminants.

Will I have to clear all the furniture out the room?

No, don’t worry about that. We will move sofas, chairs and tables. We kindly ask you to move all smaller items and breakables out of the room before we arrive. Due to insurance reasons, we are unable to move heavy, large or fragile furniture or any electrical equipment. Where possible, we will clean under these items if there is sufficient room.

Do you need to park outside my house?

As we operate truckmount equipment we do require parking within 20 meters of your property. However we do also carry portable equipment should access be difficult.

What is a truckmount?

Truckmounts are machines that are fixed into the van and require just two pipes to run from the system into the home. These machines are usually petrol powered and can complete a job in less than time than a portable machine. In addition to the convenience factor of using a truckmount, there is also a significant difference in performance. These machines are able to provide and maintain more heat, which helps to more effectively break down soils, stains, grease and oils. Not only does this mean better results, but it also means needing to use less chemicals during the cleaning process.