Intermediate Service

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What's included in a Intermediate Service?

12 Month Annual Inspection - Engine Oil Change - Engine Oil Filter Change - Air Filter Insert Change - All Fluid Levels Checked & Adjusted - Reset Service Light & Stamp Service Booklet (If Present)


Q. Which Service Do I Need?

If You Know Which Service You Need, You Can Choose Between A 'Mini', 'Interim' Or 'Full Service'. If You Don't Know Which Service Your Vehicle Needs, Simply Book A 'Service' & We Will Use Our Manufacturers Data Base To Find This Out For You!

Q. What Do I Need To Bring?

Locking Wheel nut Key During Your Service Our Technicians Will Need To Remove Your Wheels To Inspect Your Vehicle Thoroughly, As Well As Undertake Any Necessary Repair Work. Without The Correct Locking Wheel Nut Key Being Present, We Will Not Be Able To Remove Your Wheels Without Using A Locking Wheel Nut Removal Tool, Which Will Incure Further Costs! Your Service Book We Will Use Your Service Book To Check When You Last Had Servicable Items Replaced, Such As Spark Plugs, Fuel Filters, Brake Fluid Etc. As Well As To Update & Stamp It, Which Maintains Your Manufacturers Warranty!

Q. Do You Use Quality Parts?

All Parts Used Meet Manufacturers Specifications & Warranties. We Will Also Check The Specification Of Oil It Takes Via Our Manufacturers Database To Be Sure You Get The Correct Oil, Every Time.