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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?


If you own an SUV, you must equip your vehicle with 4X4 tyres. These tyres are specially designed to offer firm grip and optimum vehicle control on uneven surfaces.

4x4 tyres are specifically designed for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Jeeps. These tyres offer increased traction, optimal performance and maximum stability on challenging roads. 4x4 variants differ from standard tyres, predominantly in terms of the tread structure and sidewall construction.

Planning to buy 4x4 tyres Ponteland?

Meadowfield Auto Centre is your ultimate destination.

At Meadowfield Auto Centre, we have an extensive collection of 4x4 tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne from reputed brands. Our tyre experts check every product and ensure the EU label essential markings are attached to them.

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Enter your vehicle’s registration number or tyre size details on our tyre finder tool, browse through our inventory and select the 4x4 unit that suit your vehicle, purpose, and budget best.

Different types of 4x4 tyres Ponteland

People are often under the impression that 4x4 tyres are for off-road usage only. However, this is not the case; there are 4x4 on-road, off-road and all-terrain tyres. We stock all these 4x4 variants. Please have a look!

All-Terrain A/T

All-terrain variants are developed for 50% on-road and 50% off-road usage. Car owners who like to use their vehicle both on-road and off-road can rely on All-terrain models. These products deliver enhanced grip and comfort on all road surfaces.


Mud-terrain 4x4 tyres work in an 80 (off-road):20 (on-road) ratio. These products offer superior traction and grip on mud and uneven surfaces.

Highway-Terrain H/T

Highway terrain 4x4 tyres are models that offer enhanced on-road handling, steering response, wet and dry braking performance, wet handing, and comfortable, quiet driving.

Characteristics of 4x4 tyres

Robust construction

4x4 tyres are specially engineered with a robust carcass material that maximises their load-carrying capacity, pressure performance, puncture resistance and heat tolerance.


Featuring an aggressive tread pattern, 4x4 tyres can best tackle loose terrain. This innovative tread design on the tyre’s sidewall effectively dampens the impacts of uneven terrain. Moreover, this feature improves sidewall flexibility, ensuring superior grip and increased off-road driving safety.


4x4 tyres are manufactured with advanced silica compounds, such as Coupled silica. It means they have low rebound characteristics, which ensure less bounce, less friction and more contact with the road.

4x4 tyre brands we retail

At Meadowfield Auto Centre, you can find 4x4 tyres from reputed brands across the globe. These include:

  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear
  • Michelin
  • Yokohama
  • Pirelli and many more

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