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Are you looking for Hybrid Servicing for your vehicle?


Are you looking for hybrid vehicle servicing near you?

Electric vehicles and hybrid technology place new demands on mechanics.

Working on electrical systems in the automotive sector requires not only special tools, but above all, trained personnel. Our technicians therefore regularly take part in further training and are also familiar with hybrid vehicles. In our workshop, we carry out all the necessary maintenance and inspections on your vehicle. We always work according to the manufacturer's specifications and ensure a safe drive.

A hybrid car combines the advantages of two drive technologies. The classic petrol or diesel engine works together with an electric motor. At low loads and when stationary, the electric motor can move the vehicle; at high speeds or strong acceleration, both drives are combined. In this way, the total power always comes from both engines. Plug-in hybrid vehicles can be operated purely electrically for up to 100 km. However, the electric drive is always powered by a high-voltage battery. Depending on the system, this operates at a voltage of up to 1,000 volts. By comparison, conventional cars are powered by a 12 V battery, which is why special caution is required here. In hybrid vehicles, the electrical components usually require little maintenance. These should be checked regularly to rule out short circuits or other faults. Since hybrid vehicles still have an internal combustion engine, all related parts must be subjected to conventional maintenance.

Pure electric vehicles are powered exclusively by an electric motor and a high-voltage battery. The combustion engine and all related parts are omitted. These parts are relatively low-maintenance, but most manufacturers still prescribe an annual inspection. During this inspection, all other vehicle parts are checked, fluids are replaced and minor repairs are carried out. The mechanical parts are the main focus here. The electrical components are mainly checked and measured.

We are pleased to be able to offer hybrid vehicle service Newcastle to our customers. Our specially trained team ensures a safe and relaxed drive. So, if your hybrid car is due for a maintenance service, Meadowfield Auto Centre is the place to go.

Our Hybrid Service Includes

Most of the mechanical aspects in hybrid vehicles are the same as the ones of “normal” cars. However, a few things are different and need additional checks.

We have three variants of hybrid car service Newcastle available:

Interim Hybrid Service

This service is due every 6 month or 6000 miles. 55 points are checked during this service which is a good choice for high-mileage hybrid car drivers. Please note: Some manufacturers recommend more frequent service check-ups between annual maintenance services. This service includes an oil- and oil filter change, fluid top ups, brake, suspension, light, tyre- and steering checks.

Full Hybrid Service

This is a complete annual service for trouble-free driving. It covers the manufacturers' hybrid service-schedules, including 81 check-points plus necessary adjustments. It also includes an air filter change, brake fluid top-up, coolant- and power steering fluid. OE quality parts are used and any worn-out or damaged parts are recorded and explained to our customers.

Major Hybrid Service

This 24-month complete service covers all the areas of maintenance. It covers all parts checked during an Interim- and Full Service plus all items that are recommended for replacement every two years by vehicle manufacturers, for example, the cabin filter and the brake hydraulic fluid.

Additional Hybrid Service

In addition to the car services mentioned above, we always carry out the following checks on hybrid cars:

  • Diagnostic hybrid battery health check
  • Charging port and high voltage cables check
  • Inverter coolant check
  • Brake binding check

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Regular servicing is very important for your hybrid vehicle to run efficiently and effectively.

We hope you have found this short servicing overview informative.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate but get in touch with us.

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