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An optimally functioning car suspension system plays a significant role in providing a safe and smooth driving experience with enhanced handling capabilities.

It is designed to absorb shocks and road impacts so that you can drive comfortably. However, aggressive braking and driving on uneven surfaces can damage the components of the suspension system. This significantly reduces the efficiency of the car suspension system.

You should approach a professional suspension repairing garage Ponteland like Meadowfield Auto Centre to repair damaged suspension components.

We offer top-quality suspension repairing services at affordable prices. Our team of highly skilled technicians which are adept at efficiently repairing and replacing damaged car suspension systems Ponteland and ensure you can be back on the road at the earliest.

What leads to damage in car suspension systems?

Some of the factors that cause premature wear or damage to the suspension include:

  • Regularly driving on uneven roads
  • Driving over speed bumps, through potholes or hitting curbs at high speed.
  • Misaligned or out-of-balance wheels
  • Driving on tyres with inaccurate tyre pressure

Components of a car suspension system

    • Every car suspension system consists of the following components designed to work together to provide accurate performance.
  • Shock absorbers
  • Struts
  • Linkages
  • Springs
  • Bushing

An issue in any of the components mentioned above will give out several warning signs, as mentioned in the section below. Please have a read through and opt for a suspension check Ponteland from us at the earliest if you are experiencing any of the following issues.

Signs of a failing suspension system

A failing car suspension system will exhibit the following symptoms:

Bumpy ride

Suspension systems are designed to provide a seamless driving experience by promptly absorbing shocks. If you feel every single bump on the road, then the shock absorbers of your car suspension are probably worn out or damaged.

Difficulty in steering

Are you facing problems steering your vehicle in the direction you want, especially at low speed? This may indicate that the suspension components are either damaged or worn out. You should visit us at the earliest for a detailed inspection of the shock absorbers Ponteland.

Greasy shock absorbers

It is advisable to check the suspension components of your vehicle at regular intervals. If you find oily stains on the ground where your car is parked, have a look at the struts, shock absorbers, or other suspension components if you can, and see if they are covered in grease or oil as they may be leaking fluids. Experts advise opting for professional help in the case of greasy suspension components.

Car “dives”

A car with a failing suspension system will tend to “nose dive” when you apply the brakes. Your car may also lean to one side while you try to corner.

Other symptoms of faulty suspension systems include:

  • Uneven tyre tread wear
  • One corner of the car sits low etc.

Have you come across any of these symptoms in your car recently?

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