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Brakesure - Lifetime replacement of brake discs and pads

To ensure your driving safety and to keep your vehicle running optimally, your vehicle's brakes should always be in pristine condition. Keeping this in mind, we at Meadowfield Auto Centre have introduced lifetime brake pads and discs replacement scheme. If you have purchased brake pads and discs together from us before, you are eligible to avail of this offer.

At Meadowfield Auto Centre, our customer's safety is our prime concern; therefore, we offer this scheme through which the customer will receive a replacement of brake pads for as long as they own the vehicle on which our experts have previously fitted the brake pads.

This comes along with a one-year guarantee on all the new brake parts.

All the brake parts we utilise meet the original specifications of the manufacturer.

We are backed by a team of industry-trained and highly experienced professionals who provide the best brake pads and discs replacement services to our customers. This scheme is designed to give you peace of mind in terms of brake repair and maintenance. To avail of this service, call our friendly experts and schedule your appointment for the same.

Terms & Conditions

We offer a lifetime replacement on brake pads when initially fitted by us at the same time as brake discs.

The customer will receive replacement brake pads (on multiple occasions if required) for as long as they own the car on which the brake pads have been fitted, plus a 12 month guarantee on all other new brake parts fitted at the same time.

The replacement brake pads will only be offered if Meadowfield Autocentre is permitted to bring your brake system to it's correct working condition.

This offer does not cover the cost of additional parts that may be required to restore your braking system to it's correct working condition. The offer applies to the replacement of the brake pads only.

Company vehicles, hire vehicles, taxis and vehicles for commercial purposes, competitive sports or modified vehicles are also excluded from this offer.

Vehicles fitted with inboard braking systems and/or hand brake pads/shoes are excluded from the offer as are vehicles with modified braking systems from that of OE fitment.

Meadowfield Autocentre will not provide replacement brake pads on parts that fail as a result of malicious damage, criminal damage, fire, accident, theft or where the vehicle has been repaired other than by a garage without the prior consent of Meadowfield Autocentre.

Meadowfield Autocentre is not responsible for any part removed from the vehicle or tampered with by any other person.

The offer does not cover any defect caused by un-reasonable wear, tear or corrosion or any costs incurred through loss of use.

This offer applies as stated herein only and no monetary equivalent in lieu of brake pads or otherwise is available and does not extend to any monetary or compensatory claim, in particular, consequential or additional losses.

How To Claim

In order to claim your replacement brake pads, please contact Meadowfield Autocentre and provide your original receipt as failure to do so will mean that you are not entitled to utilise the offer (proof of purchase and is essential before any work further to this offer can commence)

The offer applies from the date of the original purchase and is not transferable to a different vehicle or a different owner of the vehicle on which the brake pads have been fitted.

Meadowfield Autocentre will dismantle and repair or replace at its discretion any defective parts and reassemble them on your vehicle subject to terms and conditions of the offer.

This offer does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturers conditions of sale apply to all goods sold.

Meadowfield Autocentre reserves the right to update, change and/or amend the terms and conditions as stated above as considered necessary.

Only parts purchased from THE PARTS ALLIANCE and associated companies are covered by this offer.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or discount.

In the event of a dispute arising from or in connection with this offer, the decision of THE PARTS ALLIANCE is final.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.