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Are you looking for Vehicle Welding for your vehicle?


Have you come across cracks in your vehicle's chassis, panel, silencer, steering, or other components?

If yes, then wait no further and get in touch with Meadowfield Auto Centre for cost-effective vehicle welding Ponteland.

We are a specialist in vehicle welding and excel in the intricate process with our years of in-hand experience and cutting-edge equipment.

Why is vehicle welding important?

A small crack may appear as a minor issue initially. However, if kept untreated for a long time, it will lead to problems like extensive corrosion and rust, plus damage your car's structural integrity. It will also lead to costly repairs in the future.

Hence, it is crucial to weld the cracked area without much delay.

Vehicle welding processes we follow

We will repair the cracked area of your vehicle using one of these two processes of vehicle welding Ponteland:

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding

MIG welding process is highly efficient. It is most suitable for aluminium, stainless steel, steel with a thickness of 26 gauge metal sheets and heavy-duty structure plates. The MIG process involves the use of inert gas like CO2, Argon, which offers an optimal environment for welding. Moreover, the MIG gun is designed to operate for a longer period of time. Also, the filler is placed within its nozzle. Hence, welders can easily weld the cracked area with just one hand.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding

The TIG welding process involves the use of non-consumable tungsten rods and inert gas like argon. The non-consumable tungsten rods are fixed to the end of a welding torch to fuse the cracked metal. In the TIG process, there is no need for any additional materials. Therefore, it offers clean welds. TIG welding is mainly used on non-ferrous metals like aluminium, nickel, magnesium, copper etc.

Our efficiency in welding services makes us one of the best solutions for all “vehicle welding near me” searches.

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