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Are you looking for Performance Tyres for your vehicle?


Performance tyres are engineered to deliver enhanced traction and response on wet as well as on dry road surfaces. The innovative tread pattern, rubber compounds, and construction of these tyres are exclusively designed for high-speed driving and provide a thrilling experience that sports car drivers primarily seek.

If you are looking for performance tyres Ponteland, consider visiting Meadowfield Auto Centre. Our vast inventory comprises an extensive collection of performance car tyres spread across a broad price bracket.

We also offer you an online tyre buying facility. Simply enter your car's tyre details or registration number on the tyre selection tool of our website and conveniently place your order.

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Physical attributes of performance tyres

Though performance tyres are composed of the same basic elements as standard tyres, they are fine-tuned to maximise their performance. Following are some of the attributes of performance tyres:

  • Wider and stiffer apex for enhancing cornering power
  • Compounding tread cap for dry and wet traction
  • Belts located at a low angle for increasing responsiveness
  • Large tread blocks for improved grip and dry traction
  • Overlay material and layup for allowing high-speed ratings
  • Rim flange protectors for protecting the wheels and providing lateral stiffness
  • A low sidewall with a short profile for enhancing cornering capabilities
  • Use of aggressive blocks and fewer sipes in tread patterns for enhanced handling

Key benefits of performance tyres

Heat Dispersion

The majority of tyre failures that occur during high-speed driving is because of overheating. Performance tyres are composed of premium materials, which makes them capable of resisting heat build-up. This increases the longevity and driving safety quotient of the tyres.


Performance tyres enable your vehicle to react to the advanced inputs of modern sports cars quickly. This implies that they function better with modern-day highly sensitive suspension, steering systems and ABS systems.

Enhanced Handling

Performance tyres are composed of a soft rubber compound and feature rigid sidewalls, which helps to enable superior traction while driving at high speeds. This ensures the driver a smooth driving experience and also helps to tackle sharp bends. With the help of their rubber compound and wide surfaces, these tyres offer increased braking performance, thereby enhancing on-road driving safety and reducing wear and tear.

Some top models of performance tyres Ponteland available at our workshop:

  • Goodyear EAGLE F1 GSD3
  • Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position

In addition to these, we stock several other top variants of performance car tyres Ponteland. Hence if you want to buy performance car tyres Ponteland, drop the idea of searching for “tyres near me” and reach out to us instead.

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