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Are you looking for MOT for your vehicle?


Meadowfield Auto Centre will bring an end to your search for a reliable "MOT checker near me". We are an authorised DVSA MOT workshop. Our in-house MOT testers are adept with advanced technology to conduct all necessary checks as per requirement.

Is your vehicle 3 years+ old? Book an MOT test at Meadowfield Auto Centre

  • Meadowfield Auto Centre offers MOT check Ponteland for class 4 vehicles, including
  • Three-wheeled vehicles
  • Caravans
  • Cars with up to 8 passenger seats
  • Quad bikes (maximum unladen weight 400kg
  • Privat- hire/public-service vehicles (with up to eight seats)
  • Dual-purpose vehicles
  • Private passenger vehicles
  • Ambulance vehicles (with 9-12 seats)
  • Taxis
  • Goods-vehicles (with up to 3,000kg gross weight)

If your vehicle falls in this category, book MOT Ponteland at an affordable price by calling us on 01661 872220

What do we cover in our MOT check Ponteland?

Listed below are a few components that are checked as a part of an MOT test:

    • Tyres- 10% of all vehicles fail their MOT due to damaged tyres. Hence, our experts will thoroughly inspect your car's tyres to see whether they are still roadworthy. The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, and there mustn’t be any serious damage.
    • Exhaust and emissions- We will check the exhaust system to ensure it is secure and leak-free. Further, we will also probe whether your car's gas emission is within the legal limit.
    • Please note: Have a look at the separate section about exhausts on our website. If you suspect any problem, we recommend, you take your vehicle to us for a Pre-MOT check.
    • Braking system- Your car's braking system should work efficiently to pass the MOT test. Hence, we will check the entire braking system, pedals, disc, brake fluid etc., to ensure all the components are functioning optimally.

Apart from these components, we will conduct a check on:

  • Windscreen
  • Suspension
  • Wheels
  • Seats
  • Seatbelts
  • Boot
  • Internal and external lights
  • Wipers
  • Body structure
  • Horn and number plates
  • Tail-gate
  • Seat belts etc.

If all tested vehicle components meet the DVSA standard and pass the MOT test, we will provide a VT20 certificate.

Should we find some minor issues while testing, we will still issue a pass certificate. A so-called advisory note will be attached. It explains the findings, and we will recommend getting the issues fixed as soon as possible. The notes will stay in the DVSA system.

In case we find any serious issue(s), the vehicle will fail the MOT test; we will issue a VT30 certificate which explains the reason for the failure. The damaged parts must be repaired, and the vehicle will undergo a partial re-test afterwards.

In the meantime - unless your previous MOT certificate is still valid, you are not allowed by law to drive the car.

We also offer pre-and-post MOT checks. We undertake all necessary inspections, replacements and repairs with OE-grade parts to prepare your vehicle before or after an MOT test.

Why choose us?

It is important to know that your car is reliable hands. Hence, put an end to your search and visit Meadowfield Auto Centre without giving a second thought.

We abide by all DVSA recommended standards, and our certified testers will conduct accurate checks to ensure that you and your car are safe.

If you are worried about the expense, please don’t be. Our prices are always reasonable. But we also offer a 6 months interest-free financing option. With this, you can split the costs into manageable interest-free instalments for no additional charges.

To know more, please call us or come to our workshop.