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A sudden tyre puncture can ruin your journey. In such a scenario, seeking roadside assistance may seem like a feasible option. However, they take 30-45 minutes and sometimes even 1 hour to reach, depending on your location.

Therefore, automobile experts recommend you install run-flat tyres in your car to ensure driving safety. These tyres maintain structural integrity and offer a safe driving experience for a distance of 50 miles at 50 mph speed even after a puncture.

Would you like to purchase quality run-flat tyres Ponteland?

Visit Meadowfield Auto Centre for top quality run-flat tyres at an affordable rate. We stock products from the best-rated brands and our experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the best run-flat tyres within your budget.

Also, you can buy run-flat tyres Ponteland online by sharing tyre details or your car registration number on our website’s tyre finder section. You can also pre-book your tyre fitment appointment with your order.

Run-flat tyres from top brands

We retail a variety of RFTs from reputed brands. Some of the brands available at our facility are as follows-

  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • Goodyear
  • Yokohama etc.

Advantages of installing your car with run flat tyres Ponteland

As per statistics, 14% of car manufacturers equip vehicles with run-flat tyres as OE. These tyres are a standard for several car manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, and more.

Here are some reasons why RFTs are often preferred these days over regular car tyres Ponteland:

Tyre Replacement at your convenience

Despite having low tyre pressure, RFTs ensure smooth drives. Therefore, you need not go for tyre replacements in inconvenient situations. You can safely drive to the nearest workshop and get a replacement for your punctured tyre. Furthermore, if your car drives on self-supporting tyres, you do not need to carry a spare.

Driving Stability

Sudden blowouts can destabilise control and impact your car's handling and steering responsiveness which can result in dangerous situations. RFTs provide support and stability even during complete air loss.

Comfortable Rides

The robust build and stiff sidewalls of these tyres ensure optimal grip and control without compromising the driving comfort.

Please note: Run-flat tyres are not considered safe for repairs as their structure changes once driven on without air pressure.

Also, Run-flat tyres should only be fitted on vehicles with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) installed.

Run-flat Technologies

Run-flat car tyres function on the following technologies:

Support Ring System

A rubber support ring fits the tyres sidewall's interior for additional support. Therefore, with this technology, run-flat tyres offer superior control and high load-bearing ability.

Self-supporting System

RFTs constructed with this technology have additional rubber layers in their sidewall. This prevents loss of pressure during deflation or sudden blowouts.

Auxiliary Support

Premium run-flat tyres use this technology for puncture resistance. These tyres come with Kevlar reinforcement and a support ring to offer structural integrity.

At our workshop, we stock all those variants of run-flat tyres Ponteland.

Therefore, look no further than Meadowfield Auto Centre for your “run flat tyres near me” searches. Call us on 01661 872220 to learn more.