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Looking For the Best Tyre Pressure Check Newcastle?

Accurately inflated tyres are crucial to ensure optimal handling performance, improved safety and enhanced fuel efficiency. Precise inflation improves the overall driving experience and also prevents tyres from premature damage. Thus, it is pertinent to opt for a tyre-pressure

check at regular intervals to avoid any safety concerns while driving. Meadowfield Auto Centre provides quick and convenient tyre inflation checks Newcastle.

Our team uses advanced equipment and technology to carry out the precise inflation check. Generally, it is highly recommended to opt for a tyre pressure check every two weeks or at least once a month to get optimal on-road driving safety. Simply come over to our garage and let our experienced technicians assist you with your tyre-related issues.

Causes of changes in tyre pressure

Different factors result in the tyre losing pressure. Some of them include-

    • Temperature: The tyres start to lose pressure due to sudden changes in temperatures and weather conditions
    • Puncture- sometimes, something gets stuck in car tyres and makes them lose air.
    • Defective Valve: The valve prevents the air from escaping. The valve is susceptible to damage over time, and a damaged valve starts to leak air from the sides slowly.
    • Tyre Worn-out: Tyres deteriorate over time, and this causes issues, making them lose pressure.
    • Cracks- Small micro-cracks can occur in the inner layer of a tyre - a common reason for incorrect tyre pressure.
    • Natural air loss- About 1-2 psi per month of air is lost every month from tyres.

Why get a tyre pressure check?

Longevity: Under- as well as over-inflated tyres, can cause impediments while driving.

Inaccurately filled tyres are unable to achieve optimal tyre-to-road contact, which leads to increased damage risks and abrasions on your car tyre. Generally, a car tyre under 5 PSI can result in a reduced lifespan by 25%.

Handling: Accurate air pressure in the tyres improve your vehicle’s manoeuvrability and traction capabilities and provides better control during cornering and braking.

The same goes for over-inflated tyres!

An inaccurately inflated tyre can often lead to a delay in stopping your vehicle on time while braking, increasing the risk of accidents.

Optimises fuel economy: An under-inflated tyre can significantly increase stress on a tyre while driving and affect your fuel economy. Precise tyre pressure helps reduce rolling resistance as well as reduce fuel consumption by 5%.

Why Choose Us?

Meadowfield Auto Centre offers budget-friendly solutions to all our customers and informs you before carrying out any repairs or replacements. We always aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing customer-centric solutions, authentic products, and transparent and honest services to our customers from- and around Newcastle. Moreover, our in-house experts keep track of the new changes introduced in the automotive industry and adhere to them while offering any product or performing any repairs.

You can finally end your search for the best “Tyre Pressure service near me” and come to our facility now. No appointment is needed!

Also, if you require any additional information about tyres or services available at our facility, just talk to our experienced technicians who can help guide you towards the right solution for your vehicle-related problems.

Our team is always happy to help!