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Trying to decipher the markings on the sidewalls of your car’s tyre?

With a bit of explanation, understanding these letters and numbers on tyres will become a child’s play. The alphanumeric code represents various metrics of your car tyre, including load index, speed rating and aspect ratio. These terminologies combine to create a complete picture of the tyre’s size, type and performance capabilities.

Being able to identify specifications of your vehicle’s tyres makes it easy to buy the correct car tyres Ponteland. At Meadowfield Auto Care, our experienced technicians make it easy for you to buy car tyres Ponteland completely hassle-free as they know which tyre size is right for every car.

Understanding tyre size meaning

Let’s use this tyre code - 195/65 R15 91H to understand its various elements:

Tyre width (195): The first three-digit number represents the tyre’s width measured in millimetres. The example tyre shown above has a width of 195mm.

Aspect ratio (65): The two numbers following the tyre width is the aspect ratio, measured by the height of the tyre’s cross-section divided by its width. In the given example, the sidewall height would be 65% of its width.

Tyre Construction (R): This informs how a tyre is constructed, and it can either be ‘R’ or ‘D’. In the example, R stands for radial construction, where internal ply cords run in a radial direction across the casing.

Rim diameter in inches (15): The next two numbers represent the wheel’s diameter measured in inches. In the shown example, number ‘15’ refers that the tyre size should match a wheel of 15 inches.

Load index (91): This number indicates the maximum load that a tyre can support when properly inflated. The higher the number, the greater the load-bearing capacity of tyres Ponteland. For a load index of 91, the maximum weight that can be safely carried is 615 Kg.

Speed rating (H): The final marking refers to the maximum speed at which a tyre can operate safely when the load and tyre pressure are within correct levels. In this example, H refers to a maximum speed limit of 210 kmph (130 mph).

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