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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


From mild, dry/wet conditions to freezing temperatures with ice and frequent snowfall, winter months in the UK can be unpredictable. Hence, you should take some pre-emptive measures before the onset of winters to make your vehicle winter-ready and enjoy a safe driving experience.

If you are looking for a professional workshop that can provide professional winter car services, there can be no better place than our Meadowfield Auto Centre.

We are a renowned and trusted car workshop in Ponteland. Together with advanced equipment and experienced professionals, we can provide comprehensive winter car check Ponteland of the highest standard.

Please continue reading to know how we conduct winter car checks at our workshop.

What’s included in the winter car checklist?


Cold and damp weather can affect your vehicle battery, especially if you do not drive your vehicle very often or for long distances. Hence, during winter car services, our professionals check the battery condition, age, wiring, terminals etc.

Coolant and anti-freeze

Experts at our workshop check if the cooling system of your vehicle is in optimal condition and refill the anti-freeze level if required.

Windscreen Wipers

During winter car check Ponteland, our professionals check the condition of windscreen wipers to ensure they can effectively clear the screen. Also, our professionals will check the screen wash level and top it up if needed.


Our winter check Ponteland also includes light assessment. As winters feature short daylight, cars need to have optimally functioning lights. Therefore, to ensure you can spot others and other road users can see you in dark foggy winter nights, our experts will check the condition of all lights (front, rear, fog light etc.) and recommend replacement if required.

Oil Level

Incorrect oil levels can seriously damage your vehicle’s engine. Therefore, we check the oil level and top it up as per the manufacturer recommended level.


During the winter car services Ponteland, our professionals also check whether your tyres are safe to face the challenging winter weather conditions. If the tyres do not meet the legal safety standards, our experts may also recommend you opt for a tyre replacement (preferably season-specific tyre models) for optimal manoeuvrability and safety while driving.

Worried about the costs?

With us, you can leave it aside!

First of all, our prices are very reasonable. But in case you are struggling financially, we now also offer 6 months interest-free financing. Opt for our winter check service and pay the total cost in interest-free instalments at no extra costs.

Sounds good?

Now put an end to your searches for “car winter checks near me” and visit us.

For detailed information please feel free to contact us on 01661 872220.