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Lassa Tyres

The Turkish tyre brand Lassa is getting more and more popular all over the world with its durable and superior quality tyres that promise excellent driving experience all-year round. Since its inception in 1974, Lassa has been designing tyres for various vehicle segments and seasonal needs with advanced technology ensuring uncompromised driving safety.

Thinking aboutbuying Lassa tyres Ponteland?

Put an end to your search and visit Meadowfield Auto Centre. We are an authorised retailer of Lassa tyres and offer you a wide range to choose from. Our experts understand your needs and guide you through our exclusive Lassa tyre collection to ensure you choose the best product for your respective car segment.

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Don’t worry, you can choose and book your new tyres online from us, using the tyre finder tool on our website. Just enter your vehicle registration number or tyre size details and browse through our catalogue to order your favourite Lassa tyres Ponteland.

With your tyre order you can also choose a convenient day and time to get them fitted.

Our Lassa tyres collection

Summer tyres

We offer you a wide range of cost-effective Lassa summer tyres. These tyres are customised with an innovative hard rubber compound that improves tyre durability. Also, these tyres feature a shallow tread depth structure that improves the road contact area and offers unmatched control.

You can get models like IMPETUS REVO 2+, IMPETUS REVO+, GREENWAYS and more.

Winter tyres

At our workshop, you get a great collection of winter tyres from Lassa. These tyre products feature a soft rubber compound with more natural rubber content that prevents the tyre from stiffening during extremely low temperatures. Also, the deeper treads and increased number of sipes in these models offer unmatched aquaplaning resistance on snow & slush.

We have models like SNOWAYS 2, SNOWAYS ERA , SNOWAYS 3 and more.

4X4 tyres

You also get a great collection of Lassa 4x4 tyres from our workshop. The aggressive tread structure and robust sidewall construction of these tyre models offer brilliant traction, weight bearing capacity and braking performance.

We retail products like COMPETUS H/L, COMPETUS A/T, COMPETUS WINTER and more.

Apart from this we also offer you other car tyres Ponteland like:

  • All-season tyres
  • Performance tyres
  • Run-flat tyres and more.

Hence, end your search for “tyres near me” and visit us instead.

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