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Pirelli Tyres

    One of the largest tyre manufacturers globally, Pirelli’s Italian roots are evident in the level of craftsmanship that goes into their tyres. Robust, innovative and full of European verve, clients flock to Pirelli because of their racing heritage and sports car vibes from their tyres. Pirelli has at present revenues of 42.7 million euros. Also, as inventors of radial tyres, they are strong innovators and lovers of cutting-edge technology.

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    As a customer looking to buy Pirelli tyres Ponteland, you can use our website to browse through the entire collection of Pirelli tyres and choose for your vehicle today. We at Meadowfield Auto Centre will help to make your buying experience better.

    Pirelli summer tyres Ponteland

    Pirelli's summer tyres are made from a specific, harder rubber compound that gives high levels of reliable driving experience no matter the temperature. The bespoke profile of these tyres ensures reduced rolling resistance and shorter braking distance. Names of some of the tyres include P Zero Corsa, P Zero Rosso.

    Pirelli winter tyres Ponteland

    Winter tyres come with unique tread designs that ensure a strong grip and handling control over vehicles on snowy surfaces. The models are also designed to reduce CO2 emissions and increase fuel efficiency. Deeper tread depths help to remove slush and snow from the tyre profile easily. Some of the models are the Cinturato Winter, Scorpion Winter, P ZERO Winter, and Carrier Winter models.

    Pirelli all-season tyres

    Specifically designed to tackle the challenges of both moderate summer and winter conditions, this tyre will help to give you stable and secure rides all year round. They come with a low impact on the environment and feature the SEAL Inside Technology that allows you to drive despite a puncture. Models include Cinturato All Season Plus, Cinturato All Season F2.

    Besides, we also stock 4x4, performance and run-flat tyres across different sizes, models and prices.

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